norman izhar patkin
Norman; the Average American Male 1981
chrome coat paper,
enamel spray paint,
size variable

Private Collection

Funnels and Trumpets:
Portrait of the Self
as a Breather 1987

funnels and trumpets izhar patkin
perforated paper collages,
80" x 52" each
chrome coat paper, photo prints,
enamel spray paint,

Collection; Brooklyn Museum

self portrait izhar patkin

Self Portrait 1981
neoprene, satin, spray paint
112" x 74"

Collection Brooklyn Museum



Pet Painting 1980
enamel on neoprene,


Palagonia 1990
Inspired by the Villa Palagonia in Sicily and Bernini’s Ectasy of Santa Theresa in Rome.
The show consisted of both a sculpture and its photo representations in an ethereal play of white on white.
A white wax sculpture in the center of the gallery was surrounded by 13 perforated photographs. The photos depicted details of the white wax sculpture, which were photographed against various white lace backgrounds.

Portrait of a Bust
Text by Edit deAk

I love all this gargoyle stuff. The imaging of the spirit world; masks, mirages, shadows, refractions, ghosts, grotesques, grisailles, etc. - - These interfaces of intangibilities get their only chance at existing for real, as an image . . . they better live up to the clouds

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wax, gold leaf, wood, and mixed media, 52” x 108” x 72”
palagonia izhar patkinperforated C prints, (edition 3), 63” x 50”
Tom/Mot; Portrait of a Bust 1985-89
tom izhar patkin tom music box izhar patkin

rosario music box izhar patkin rosario izhar patkin stairway to paradise izhar patkin palagonia izhar patkin

collaborations with
Nam June Paik
1998 - 2001

chinese whispers izhar patkinchinese whispers izhar patkinchinese whispers izhar patkin Chinese Whispers

oil, screen,
silver lame
60” x 40”


A panoramic sequence of five paintings that depict a progression of scale.

Arik Patkin WTC, 2006
ink on pleated tulle
160" x 192"

Early Work 1980’s
music box izhar patkin Music Box 1982
7” x 5” Music Box, Photographs, Acrylic
(Click image to Play Video)
more music boxes

The Radiant Child by Rene Ricard
ARTFORUM Magazine :: December 1981.

“To Whites every Black holds a potential knife behind the back, and to every Black the White is concealing a whip. We were born into this dialogue and to deny it is fatuous. Our responsibility is to overcome the sins and fears of our ancestors and drop the whip, drop the knife. In Izhar Patkin's parable of racial cannibalism we see that when a man with a .45 meets a man with a shotgun I guess the man with the pistol is a dead man.”
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norman izhar patkin
Black and White 1981
40” x 52" photograph, chrome coat paper, enamel
private collection
curtains izhar patkin
Curtains 1981
64” x 40” (incorrect) enamel on pleated vinyl, framed
private collection
early work izhar patkin
Untitled 1980-81
26” x 35” perforated chrome coat paper and photographs
collection: Brooklyn Museum
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