The Wandering Veil published by Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Open Museum/Tefen and MASS MoCA
Pages 1- 42 The Name and The Father
  The Wandering Veil - Izhar Patkin and David Ross in Conversation
Pages 43-78 Pictures are Nets
  The Ghost Essay - Shimon Adaf
  Violins - Mahmoud Darwish : Version by Agha Shahid Ali
  The Veiled Suite - Agha Shahid Ali
Pages 79-106 Endangered Species
  Madonna and Child in Seven Veils - Shlomzion Kenan
Pages 107-150 A Complicated Landscape
  You Tell Us What to Do -Faiz Ahmed Faiz: Version by Agha Shahid Ali
  The Messiah's Ass - Sefi Rachlevsky
  Et in Arcadia Ego: A Tale of History and Landscape - Ruthi Ofek
  The Dream Corps - Itamar Levy
Pages 151-171 Where Each is Both
  The Dead Are Here. Listen to the Survivors - Agha Shahid Ali
Pages 172-202 Evening - Agha Shahid Ali
Pages 203- 239 Black Shadows White Ghosts
  God at Breakfast, Fallen Angels Over Toast at Lunch - Herbert Muschamp
  Great Curtains I Have Known - Herbert Muschamp
  A Surreal Encounter: Izhar Patkin, Arie Aroch, and Marcel Duchamp - Ellen Ginton